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What is Earth 2?

If you have come to this page it is probably to find out more about this new “” that you have heard about on social networks, such as TikTok, Instagram or Facebook.
This mysterious service, born last November, is becoming more and more popular (perhaps more than what the founders would have expected) and is conquering many users, perhaps attracted by possible earning opportunities or perhaps just intrigued by the almost science fiction references. So let’s find out what it is.

What is Earth 2 and How it Works

So let’s start with the main question: what is Earth 2? The site describes it as “the beginning of the future virtual existence of our world”, and claims that we have the “possibility of owning part of this incredible future”. You’ve already thought of Ready Player One or some other science fiction movie, right?

In reality, at the moment things are much simpler than they seem. In what is currently defined as “Phase 1”, Earth 2 is a service that replicates the world 1: 1 in a digital representation and divides it into tiles of approximately 10 x 10 meters: each of these areas, which corresponds to the same area present in reality, it can be purchased for a certain amount (the value may depend on various factors) and possibly resold to other users for higher figures through negotiations.

Earth 2 recreates the Earth in detail, with constructions, buildings, terrains and vegetation, through more than 5 trillion unique tiles: these are viewable through an online Mapbox map (in Google Maps style), where it is possible to find all its characteristics, including physical size, present value, current owner, historical value or other details

How do you make money on Earth 2?

Earth 2 is built to generate income for those who own the territories. At the moment there are three methods to have some economic returns, but in the future things could change:

Earn through the sale: the price of individual cards starts from very low figures (even from $ 0.10 at the beginning) and is bound to fluctuate over time with the evolution of the market; this may depend on the number of cards already purchased within a country and beyond;
Income Tax (“Land income tax”), which is calculated per property based on the class of land per country and the sales of cards in the same country;
5% referral code: each user has a code that can be sent to friends or other users for the purchase of tiles with 5% credit in exchange (both for those who supply it and for those who use it, you can use this code to get the 5% bonus: W84Y1VDIZ7).
Payment Methods and How to Withdraw Money

To buy free passes, obviously, after registering, the “Buy Land” section is available, while the “Marketplace” section is a sort of secondary market, where you can buy a land already owned by others and put it up for sale (probably more high, but not necessarily higher than the market).

The purchase of land can be done through PayPal (from which credits can be added), or through the credits in the account balance, added previously. The withdrawal of the money in the account for the transfer to the bank account occurs at the moment in a fairly complex way, although the developers have ensured that things will improve in the future.

You can find all the information you need in the “Settings> Withdraw Funds” section: as you can read in the instructions, you must manually send an e-mail message from the same address used for the Earth 2 account with different information (full name, address, account name, e-mail address, name that appears on the bank account, account number, telephone number and the amount you want to withdraw).

Your money could be converted into cryptocurrency

Attention to an annotation of the terms and conditions of use of the service:

We reserve the right in the future to convert your holding of Virtual Land (or any equivalent credits held in the Earth2 platform) to an equivalent value of a crypto-currency that we may create in the future. Any conversion would be conducted at a valuation reasonably determined by us.

in fact, as reported, the company reserves the right to convert the Virtual Lands (possessions) or equivalent credits held into a cryptocurrency of equivalent value that the service could create in the future (and economically evaluate). This could involve the risk of having your money or revenue transformed into a potentially worthless cryptocurrency (or with some value for those who want to see it more optimistically).

The future of Earth 2 in Phases

That’s all that Earth 2 is currently: simplistically, a split map with a grid, with 10 x 10 meter land to buy and resell. For the future, however, the developers promise great things and Earth 2 should become a real game and virtual world: unfortunately, however, no details have been released and everything remains shrouded in “mystery”; on the site we can read that the world of Earth 2 will progressively see other Phases with different levels of play, and users will be able to build something in the purchased places.

Is Earth 2 reliable? Doubts and risks

And here we come to the oldest question: is Earth 2 reliable? Is the money “invested” in the virtual world safe or could it disappear into thin air through a well-developed “interplanetary” scam? At the moment we don’t feel like giving you a dry answer or guaranteeing that spending money on Earth 2 is necessarily a wise choice, but we can do a couple of checks.

In the section “Our team” you can find some information on the founder, the Australian Shane Isaac, and on the other members of the Earth 2 team around the world (some are also quite well-known names in the tech world, such as the co-founder of Oculus VR): there are also links to the various LinkedIn profiles, where you can browse to find out more about the team. Oculus VR co-founder Dillon Seo follows Earth 2 from his private Facebook account and confirms his collaboration on LinkedIn; Mapbox CEO (used to recreate the world map) Eric Gunderson follows Earth 2 on Twitter with a verified account. In recent days the team has also been live on twitch with the official channel.

Furthermore, in the last few days, the service seems to suffer from noticeable slowdowns or blocks, according to the team due to the intense volume of traffic that is being generated.

In short, at the moment on Earth2, there are very few certainties. Our advice, if you want to try to buy some boxes on the service, is to invest a little money and see how it works and how it proceeds; do not get enticed immediately by going to spend thousands of euros, because there is some risk. In fact, it could be a legitimate and safe service but also a classic pyramid scheme. Therefore DO NOT spend more than you feel you can lose.
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